Summer 2018

Theology For

Theology for Women is a new core group designed to equip women to love God in today's world with both their hearts and heads. Each quarter we'll cover a different real-world topic from a theological perspective, first with a teaching session and second a discussion potluck. We'll also interact with the material online and other ways throughout the quarter. All women welcome!


Episode 3: Q&A on the New Age with Marcia Montenego (CANA)

A live recording of our June 10, 2018, conversation with Marcia Montenergo, founder of Christian Answers for the New Age. In the recording she shares her testimony, defines the New Age and Occult and how it shows up in our culture, and takes candid questions from attendees.

Here are some specific links from her website:

Episode 2: Bible Translation: Why It Matters

Episode 1: What Is A Biblical Worldview?