Small Groups

Fall 2018

Fall Groups kick off Sept. 16. We invite you to CIRCLE UP this Fall by joining a group. Groups provide an opportunity to for you to grow in your relationship with Christ and to build relationships with others.Visit the groups table in the lobby or sign-up below. We hope to find you in community this Fall!

Men’s Life Groups

Christian Evidences

Gather with other men to study Scripture and build community. Examine and discuss the real-life implications of faith in Christ.

Gathering: Tuesday Evenings 7pm – Mount Rainier, MD
Leader: Charlie Davis

Women’s Life Groups

Philippians: Even When Things Go Wrong, You Can Have Joy

Grow deeper in Christ while studying Philippians. Recognize the impact of our identity in Christ and uncover how to experience true joy in Him

Gathering: Sunday Afternoons 1pm – Downtown Silver Spring
Leader: Elizabeth Ricks
Children welcome.

Crash the Chatterbox

Learn to identify the lies of the chatterbox and replace them with the truth and affirmation found in God’s voice. Get equipped to overcome the internal negativity that keeps you from fully experiencing life.

Gathering: Tuesday Mornings 10am – Mt. Rainier, MD
Leader: Cristine Davis
Children welcome.

Walk on Water

Get equipped to reach your full potential and discover what awaits you outside your comfort zone. Learn how to courageously respond to God’s unique calling for your life.

Gathering: Tuesday Evenings 7pm – Greenbelt, MD
Leader: Carlita Earl

Circle Up Ladies DS

Connect with women to fellowship, study Scripture, and apply biblical principles to daily affairs.

Gathering: Tuesday Evenings 7pm – Downtown Silver Spring
Leader: Mehron Price

The Bait of Satan

Examine one of Satan’s most deceptive snares to get believers out of alignment with God’s will – offense. Be equipped to respond to and overcome offense in a healthy, God-honoring manner. Discover how you can have unhindered fellowship with God and others.

Gathering: Wednesday Evenings 7pm– Northern Bethesda, MD
Leader: Kansiime Kariisa

Beating Busyness

Address the busyness in your life from a biblical standpoint. Discover how to establish and maintain Christ-centered priorities.

Gathering: Wednesday Evenings 7pm – Bowie, MD
Leader: Deborah Jones

Married Couples’ Life Groups

Crazy Love

Develop an authentic faith that addresses the problems of our world with tangible, even radical solutions. Moreover, learn how to nurture the relationships – particularly spouse and children, God has placed in your life.

Gathering: Friday Evenings 7pm – Silver Spring, MD
Leader: Mario and Janelle Jackson
Children welcome.


Examine your story and discover how God is at work in your life. Discover the impact of your identity in Christ and how Scripture informs the way you regard yourself, your spouse, and the opportunities God has placed before you. Learn how to live unashamed.

Gathering: Saturday Afternoons 2pm – Downtown, Silver Spring
Leader: Aris and Leslie King
Children welcome.


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