Summer 2018


Have you ever wrestled with understanding parts of Scripture? Do you want to get more out of time spent in the Word, but aren't sure how? If you answered "yes" to one or both of these questions, this core group is for you. Proper study is the precursor to powerful application of God's guiding Word in one's life. Gather to unpack how to study and interpret the Bible effectively. Whether you've been around the block or you're new to the faith, this group will equip you with tools and skills that can enhance your encounters with God. Take your walk to the next level. Come to Decipher.

In the Decipher University Series, you'll dive into the Old Testament books of wisdom and see how God's design for and works in our world are revealed through this unique literary genre. Through in-depth personal study and focused, interactive discussions, you'll solidify your knowledge of the books of wisdom and learn how to apply the biblical principles therein to your everyday life. This Summer course has a registration fee of $35 that covers the cost of the meeting space and materials.


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